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At Development Reimagined, our global team of expert consultants combines our industry-leading expertise on multiple key issues – ranging from intellectual property, global supply chains, and trade regulations to climate risks, geopolitical trends – with deep local understanding and cultural awareness. It means we will always go beyond risk-focused assessments to provide a full-spectrum analysis and actionable insights for your key strategic or investment decisions.

Whether you need to identify the optimal entry method into African or Chinese markets, locate trusted business partners, build a winning business case, evaluate complex investment portfolios, or even create an economic development strategy, we offer robust, data-driven advice and recommendations.

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Holistic risk analysis and investment promotion

Our expert economists have deep knowledge and experience with the financial, political, legal, and intercultural aspects of development finance, foreign direct investment, joint ventures, and numerous asset classes. We will help you identify and proactively mitigate systematic risks and maximize opportunities from climate, geopolitical, sociocultural, and global events. We will also draw on our extensive relationships across Africa and China to provide investment promotion tailored to your needs.

Strategy and implementation plans for complex industrial and physical investments

We have extensive experience with developing successful strategies, business/investment cases, and implementation action plans for complex physical investments: industrial parks and zones, climate mitigation and “green” infrastructure projects, and manufacturing facilities for pharmaceuticals, textiles, food processing, construction, and numerous other sectors.

We specialize in comprehensive, multi-stage assessments designed to reveal novel opportunities and hidden risks, including via budget/feasibility analysis, supply chain analysis, economic sector and total addressable market (TAM) analysis, investor and counterparty sourcing and assessments, and public or private-sector loan negotiations.

Our Insights

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Case Study

Development Reimagined was commissioned by an African ministry of industry and trade to develop a comprehensive analysis and strategic plan for a major industrial park. Working with several partners, we organized and harmonized the various economic development goals submitted by the government’s agencies. Our initial study determined that the government’s goals were plausible by estimating and forecasting the market volume, job and enterprise creation, export volumes, and anticipated tax receipts through 2025.

We then evaluated several approaches at a high level, drawing on our extensive experience to recommend a public-private partnership (“PPP”) zone development model that our research revealed has been successful in other countries in the region. In this model, the private-sector partner would be provided a comprehensive package of support, including industrial park development, operations support, and investment promotion services.

To create a strategic plan for this approach, we engaged in a detailed four-step sector analysis to identify the country’s most competitive industry sectors and developed winning business cases for each sector tailored to attract Chinese investors. Our competitive analysis identified four promising niches for the industrial park to target initially. We then conducted in-depth expert interviews with over 50 existing and potential investors into the country to surface two highest-priority subsectors. We further advised the client to combine this early-stage strategy with a medium-term strategy of remaining flexible and open to additional investors with interests based on other domestic and international markets.

Finally, our report included detailed implementation guidance through executable next steps, including a curated list of 10 Chinese investors from high-priority sectors to engage with immediately as well as a recommendation for the government to immediately seek financing with an interest rate under 5%. To facilitate timely negotiations, we researched and identified China Exim Bank as a potential lender aligned with these financing parameters.

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