Event: A new Trilateral Framework For Local Medicine Production in Africa

Development Reimagined (DR) supported UNAIDS (China), the African Union, and the Embassy of Senegal in a strategic consultative meeting titled: “Towards a China-AU-UN Tripartite Framework for Action on Local Production of Medicines and Health Commodities in Africa.”, held on November 8th 2023.

Tripartite Framework


The tripartite framework meeting underscored the importance of strengthening Africa’s healthcare system by localising the production of medicines and health commodities, a need made evident by the recent pandemic-driven shortages and supply chain disruptions. The gathering at The Grand Millennium Hotel Beijing explored innovative solutions for Africa’s healthcare sector, drawing on the combined expertise of leaders from China, Africa, and the United Nations.

Discussions focused on four strategic areas: increasing investment in production facilities, enhancing skills and knowledge, advancing research and new product development, and improving governance and oversight. The meeting also provided a platform for sharing experiences and mapping out the future of local medicine manufacturing in Africa.

Concrete targets and next steps were set, such as:

  • Boosting the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in Africa,
  • Transforming local raw materials into valuable pharmaceuticals,
  • Supporting the African Medicines Agency (AMA), 
  • Prioritising herbal medicine cooperation between China and Africa, and
  • Securing funding for these initiatives.

Above all, the discussions underscored the importance of turning plans into concrete actions that lead to lasting health benefits across the continent.

59 people participated in the high-level meeting. This included 29 African embassies including 8 Ambassadors such as The Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal and Co-Chair of FOCAC (H.E. Ibrahima Sory Sylla), The Ambassador of Uganda to China (H.E. Olive Wonekha), The Ambassador of the Republic of Cabo Verde to China (H.E. Arlindo do Rosario), and more; The African Union’s Representative to China (H.E. Rahamtalla M), Deputy Director General Department of African Affairs China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Counsellor Mr. Xing Yuchun), President of China Chamber of Commerce Import and Export of Medicine (Mr. Zhou Hui), Special Envoy of African Medicines Agency (Mr. Michel Sidibe), the UN Resident Coordinator in China, (H.E. Siddharth Chatterjee), and UNICEF (Ms. Amakobe Sande) and UNAIDS Representatives (Mr. Bruce Lerner) in China.

Development Reimagined is pleased to have facilitated this tripartite framework dialogue and looks forward to collaborating with relevant stakeholders to implement the meeting’s outcomes.

For more information or follow-up, please contact the DR Africa-China Team programme manager Jing Cai at  jingcai@developmentreimagined.com

Tripartite Framework Consultation Meeting on Medicine Production in Africa Highlights



November 2023

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