Infographic: What is Africa’s untapped potential for Environmental Goods Manufacturing?

As the world accelerates actions against climate change, embedding environmental and climate perspectives in industrialisation is becoming increasingly crucial – and this extends to Africa.

The promotion of the Environmental Goods (EGs) value chain plays a vital role in the global pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions. EGs encompass products and technologies contributing to environmental protection and sustainability, spanning Environmental Protection, Renewable Energy, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, and Environmentally Preferable Products.

Between 1994 and 2021, global trade in environmental goods grew significantly, yet it remains imbalanced worldwide. China constitutes 17.3% of global EGs exports, while the entire African continent contributes only 1%, with South Africa accounting for over half of that share. Looking forward, Africa could and ideally should emerge as a significant hub for manufacturing environmental goods, leveraging its natural resources, renewable energy, agricultural wealth, and mineral resources.

But how?

Our analysis has pinpointed 10 promising regional manufacturing hubs that African, Chinese and other global stakeholders should closely consider for investment. These top 2 selected countries are situated across 5 regions, each exhibiting diverse potential and are capable of unlocking substantial local capacity for environmental goods manufacturing across the African continent. Integrated markets and regional collaboration can drive economic growth, competitiveness, and sustainability, supported by regulations and policies promoting eco-friendly production.

Have a look at our analysis and review the 10 most promising hubs for environmental goods manufacturing in the infographic below!

environmental goods


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Special thanks go to Yike Fu, Yixin Yu, and Yunong Wu for their work on the graphics and for collecting/analysing the underlying data and this accompanying article.

The data was collated primarily from the IMF Climate Change Dashboard, African countries’ policy statements, various news articles, and our forthcoming report, “Unleashing Africa’s Untapped Potential For Environmental Goods Manufacturing.” which would be launched on November 2, 2023 (11:00 UK; 19:00 Beijing; 13;00 South Africa). You can register for the Zoom webinar here.

You can also watch a video recording of our Africa Climate Summit 2023 event on the same topic here.

If you spot any gaps or have any enquiries, please send your feedback to us at, and we will aim to respond ASAP.

November 2023

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