Our Values

Our unique approach to every project we deliver, along with our public research and communications, is driven by three foundational values that enable our clients to authentically reimagine the way we understand and act in a rapidly-changing world

1. Development is about “us”, not “them”

Development involves real people who act rationally in the situations they (we) are in and with the information they (we) possess.

Under this guiding principle, our analysis and collaborations always draw on rigorous data, on-the-ground evidence, and direct experience from the countries – especially the poorest – where we have lived and worked, whether Kenya, China or the U.K.

We use this inclusive lens as a key tool to think critically and carefully about each problem our clients bring to us, allowing us to identify high-potential partnerships and innovative solutions.

Development is about “us”, not “them”

In development, aid is only one answer among many

2. In development, aid is only one answer among many

Aid is no more a panacea to economic and social problems in low- or middle-income countries than government or philanthropic handouts are for solving the problems of richer economies. Our experts have seen first-hand how African businesses may benefit more from one change in trade duties by China or the UK than a decade of aid.

Our work therefore seeks to transform public thinking on the role of aid in development. It is one of the tools, complemented very well by others including foreign direct investment, cooperative partnerships for skill sharing, and even our own actions to conserve the environment.

3. Diversity is a huge strength

This strength is exhibited by Development Reimagined staff and experts as we actively seek to frame and gather contrasting views, perspectives, and frameworks to find optimal solutions.

It is this mosaic of opinions and opportunities that inform our work output to give our clients the best possible results while bringing groundbreaking perspectives to the global conversation.

Diversity is a huge strength

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