Press Release: Embassy Of The Republic of South Sudan in Beijing Sign MOU With Development Reimagined To Strengthen Cooperation

In a significant step towards enhancing collaboration, the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Beijing and Development Reimagined have successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The signing ceremony took place on the morning of August 7 at 10.00 AM local time.

The MOU,  a product of sustained efforts and fruitful negotiations from both sides, marks a new chapter in the growing partnership between the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan and Development Reimagined. The document outlines a framework for collaboration that aims to foster mutual understanding, exchange of knowledge, and the pursuit of joint initiatives to benefit both parties.

Ambassador Monday Semaya K. Kumba, the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan, and Ms Hannah Ryder, CEO, of Development Reimagined, formally signed the agreement during a ceremony held at the Embassy premises.

Following the clear guidance outlined in the MOU, the next steps for this partnership are:

  1. Support with Strategy and Public Engagement: The Embassy will receive assistance from Development Reimagined in creating and implementing strategies. This includes engaging the public in these strategic plans.
  2. Assistance with Product Expansion in China: Development Reimagined will help the Embassy introduce and grow South Sudanese products in China, enhancing trade and economic growth for both sides.
  3. Attracting Chinese Investment and Manufacturing Firms to South Sudan: The partnership aims to encourage Chinese businesses that add value to invest and set up manufacturing in South Sudan across various sectors such as agriculture, mining, infrastructure, tourism, and cultural exchanges. This strategic initiative holds the potential to not only augment industrial prowess but also stimulate job creation and drive socio-economic development within the region.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Development Reimagined
Miss Judith Mwai, African Diplomacy/UN Agencies Engagement Lead

August 2023

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