How COVID Helped Me Manage Money Better

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken my world in so many ways and I’m sure it’s shaken yours as well. It’s affected lives far beyond physical health issues. It has affected mental health, relationships, finances etc.

It has simply been a trying time for all of us, however I am committed to looking for the lesson in all trials. This pandemic has left us with ample time to sit, reflect and think. I’ve decided to make some significant shifts with The Reimagined Mom. 

I realize the reason you started visiting my platform was most likely because of time management and planning, yet it only feels right to make a shift right now. While I love time management and planning my days (and I’m happy to chat about those topics), I am on a forever journey of learning and growing. 

The pandemic has slowed life down so much that my kids are home with us 24/7. So, we choose to NOT make time management and planning a huge priority these days. We are living in the moment and soaking up all of this family time. I hope the same for you as well.

Yes, I’ve had to exercise time management skills, but overall my desire to spend quality time with my children has been handed to me. We have unlimited time together and I am conscious about being present with them when I’m not working!

Since my kids are getting so much of me in the present time, I want to shift my focus to another area of growth and development – money in motherhood! So still planning, but financial planning. 

Let’s jump in and talk about money, honey!

As Jay-Z would say, I have a hustler spirit! I like to work and stay busy, usually having my hand in multiple projects because I love a full life. 

But, God had other plans for everyone this year. 

As we were forced to slow down, I was also forced to sit with my thoughts a bit longer than usual. I had time to address various areas of my life that were neglected – hello decluttering projects, deep cleaning and finances. 

I also turned 39 and was forced to face the reality that my 30th chapter was coming to an end. 

Thinking about turning 40 hit me hard. 

Why was I so concerned about turning 40? Well, because I felt behind. I know, silly, right? I have an amazing family and successful career, but, there was an area of my life that felt a little off. 

You see I used to be good with money management – I am great at making money and I used to be good at keeping it, but in my 30’s something changed. For some reason I slipped into negative money habits of overspending and turning a blind eye to finances. 

I had my head buried in the sand for most of my 30’s, simply depending on a good salary, but not really worried about long term money goals. This neglect left me with a mountain of debt and no real plan for the future of my finances, aka retirement. (Sidenote, retirement always seemed so far away, but it’s really not.) 

While I was reflecting on my finances a spirit of fear washed over me. To pull myself out of this negative mindset, I had to preach to myself and speak life over myself

I found myself saying: 

“Jesus did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

“You are about to begin your next chapter, focus on what’s ahead. Let’s get after it.”

“The rest of your life will be the best of your life. Buckle up, let’s do this!”

“What? Girl you better awaken those dreams within and go after them full steam ahead.”

No, seriously these were things I found myself saying as I woke up to my financial reality.

After speaking life over myself for a bit, I really started to believe that it was time to dream again as it’s too heavy to feel weighed down by burdens. Jesus didn’t bring me this far to throw in the towel. 

It was time for me to get excited about building my legacy again. 

I also reminded myself that Jesus says, “My grace is sufficient for you!” 

Oh – game on boo game on!

As a planner, of course I’ve thought about my future before. I actually thought about it a lot. But sometimes the temptations of life just supersede being responsible. 

As I was getting my head back in the game earlier this year, I pulled out my “old faithful” resources and started digging in. Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman were my go-tos for financial advice back in the day. I’ve found a few other money gurus I like, but we’ll get back to different resources in future blogs. 

As I re-started this money journey, I began talking to other women and found out that I’m not the only one in this position. These women have also found themselves in debt with great jobs and a desire to turn things around. 

Before chatting with them, I truly felt isolated and alone, but since I now know that’s not the case, I figured hey let me share my journey in hopes that it will help someone else. 

How selfish of me to go on this journey alone if my money stories and lessons-learned can benefit others. 

And as Elyse Murphy has said, “I’m learning that people are learning more from the stories of me being a trophy of grace than from the stories of me showing people my trophies of gold.” I’m coming to you raw, vulnerable, yet determined. 

I know I could have started talking about this subject when I was completely on the other side of debt, but again, I believe there is more to learn as I traverse these waters with you by my side rather than after the fact when I’m holding a trophy of gold!

Because with God by my side, I will win!

Also, as moms, being the female head of our households is about more than just us, it’s about our families, our legacies and future generations. 

I have recommitted to two main goals for the next 18 months: no overspending and consumer debt payoff! I will accomplish these goals by budgeting, budgeting, budgeting!

So, if you’re on a journey to financial health, join me and let’s start attacking these goals, not only for personal satisfaction, but because we have legacies to leave behind and we have children watching us.

  1. MzPlm says:

    Omg – I make great money, but have not been a good stewardship over my finances. I would like to join you in this journey. Please count me in!

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