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Eliminating Negative Space To Create Positive Space

As we enter month three of the new year, we may be feeling a sense of hope for our New Year’s resolutions, doubt as we aren’t reaching those goalpoints we so impatiently yearn to accomplish, or perhaps full-blown surrender to the struggles of everyday life.

Whatever you are feeling, you must be forgiving of yourself and those around you in order to clear your headspace for the important things- your goals and your family. It is time for you to reevaluate your long-term and short-term goals and that begins with creating space for these goals.

Let's begin creating space by eliminating stress - the absolute biggest waste of space! Recognize the stress you are causing yourself that you CAN control. Do you hate looking at that pile of laundry every morning getting bigger and bigger? It is time to just do it, and say good-bye to that piece of unnecessary stress. Are you finding yourself constantly thinking about an issue with your child’s behavior to the point that you aren’t able to perform well as a partner, professional, etc? Now is the time to take the actions you need in the way that best fits your parenting style.

When we begin to take control and honor our ability to change the things that we stress about, we take back full power of our lives and our mind. While we are eliminating this stress, it always helps to WRITE IT DOWN. Bring your stressors to paper and leave them there. Then, create a system that ensures that it won’t re-enter your life, and if they do, you have a pre-planned system now! No need to fret. When was the last time you were stressed out when a plan was in place?

I’m so glad we created that space for our goals! Now is the time to indulge in the passionate, game-changing mindset that our brain flourishes in and create some real magic for ourselves and our family!

If you have a Harmony Planner, be sure to fill out your monthly goal sheet and focus on the aspects of your life that you need to nourish a little extra. It's so difficult to be in absolute harmony with all of the different routes our crazy life takes us, however, by mapping out our progress in our spiritual, financial, physical, professional and family goals we are nurturing ourselves and the significant details that ensure overall wellness. I really want you to set some “out-of-reach” goals for yourself and see how far you can go and how high you can fly!

Go and kill it this month!