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The Power of Writing Down Your Goals

Ahhhh can you believe a new year is just around the corner? I’m enjoying the end of 2018 and gearing up for the holidays, but I can’t help but look forward to 2019.

I hear this said often and I totally agree, "The years seem to be flying by!" It’s a reminder that time is moving, but we should also reflect on the passage of time.

What are we doing with the time given to us? If we can look back at the previous year and see growth and progress, I’d say it was time well spent! 

A new year brings about a fresh start and a chance to reset. I love the feeling! Resets tend to be marked by goal setting. It’s great to affirm your goals by making them concrete and writing them down. Writing things out on paper just seems to make a connection that sets things in motion for me.

Research even supports how effective it is to write out your goals with pen and paper. I mean physically writing them out, not typing. It seems that once something it written it becomes real!

Have you ever tried writing out your desires, wishes and goals on paper and checked back on those goals some time later? Well, I just found a piece of paper from 4 years ago! I literally stopped in my tracks and gasped. I think I had 4 goals written out and to my surprise, I accomplished 3 of them.

I honestly think there is power in getting your goals out of your head and onto paper. Luckily The Harmony Planner has a place to keep track of your goals and revisit them. I’m telling you, it is soooo powerful.

I encourage you to write out a few goals for 2019, keep the paper in a safe place and remember to pull that piece of paper out at the end of 2019. I’d be surprised if you haven’t accomplished those goals or at least made progress towards the goals.

Happy goal planning!