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5 Easy Steps to Crushing Your 2019 Goals


              The last blog post was all about the importance of writing down our goals and putting pen to paper, but let’s dig deeper into creating AND accomplishing those goals. What does annual goal setting and goal planning look like? I’d say there are 5 main components – (1) identifying your why, (2) visualizing what it looks like to accomplish your goal, (3) reverse engineering the outcome, (4) finding ways to hold yourself accountable and (5) believing that your goal will be achieved.

#1 - Your why:

              I know it sounds sort of woo-woo, but I truly do believe that knowing your why is the foundation of any goal. Let’s be real, working toward a goal can start off fun, but often times there are hardships along the way OR “the work” just gets plain old challenging. Having identified your why before you set out on tackling your goal helps to keep you motivated and inspired. So, what is your why? Is it financial freedom? Is it time freedom? Is it family? Is it health? Or is it something else? Keep your why top of mind because you lose your way when you lose your why.

#2 – Visualizing:

            Take a moment to close your eyes and really feel what you think it would feel like to accomplish your goal. Really get into it. What does the space around you look like? How do you feel energetically? What scent do you smell? Are you proud of yourself? Once you begin to allow visualization to work for you, your desire to accomplish your goal becomes even greater.

#3 – Reverse Engineering:

            Next, you have to consider the steps it takes to accomplish the goal. Let’s say you have a goal of working out 3 times per week. In order to accomplish that goal, you can’t just wake up tomorrow morning and think you will end up at the gym crushing that spin class. You need to have a plan in place. It’s time to look at your planner and make sure you schedule in time for your workouts. It’s also important to prepare. Do you have childcare lined up? Are your clothes set out? Do you have your water bottle? Then it’s time to take action. - show up and do the work!

#4 – Accountability: 

            Let’s be real, showing up can often times be tough. We have busy schedules, kids to take care of, significant others to hang out with, friends to catch up with and the list goes on. We can come up with all of the excuses. That’s where accountability comes in. Have you noticed that when you have a gym buddy or a personal trainer, you are more likely to just show up? How can you build in accountability? Perhaps by joining a Facebook group dedicated to working out? Maybe investing in a personal trainer? Perhaps having a work colleague agree to taking a walk with you three times per week after lunch? Figure out what works for you and get the accountability piece lined up.

#5 – Believe in yourself 

            Lastly, believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. Mindset is real y’all. You can do all of the above and yet have a defeated mindset. This defeated mindset can be the one thing that keeps you from achieving your goal. You need to be your number one supporter and your number one advocate.

            So, to wrap-up, here is a framework to accomplishing your goals - know your why, visualize the outcome, lay out the steps in bite size pieces, find a way to hold you accountable and believe in yourself. You are on your way to crushing those goals!