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Mom's Month At-a-Glance

So, you decided to check out the Mom’s Month At-a-Glance! Kudos for wanting to start taking control of your schedule. The Mom’s Month At-a-Glance is a resource to help you begin your journey to being a more focused, clear and productive mama!

Perhaps you’re wondering how to use your Mom’s Month At-a-Glance to be more efficient with your time. I personally use mine by first looking at the upcoming month in my Harmony Planner. I then take note of any upcoming holidays, vacations, trips, anniversaries, appointments, events, birthdays etc. You know, the big stuff. Next, I transfer these dates onto my Mom’s Month At-a-Glance. Once completed, my Mom’s Month At-A-Glance hangs in a central place for my entire family to reference.

This is a living document, so the family can add to it at any time. Mom’s Month At-a-Glance seems to work best when it’s kept clutter-free and only contains those dates that affect the entire family. Having our family dates in once place helps to bring peace and clarity to our days and weeks. I hope you find the same holds true for you and your family.

Of course, the detail of the Harmony Planner is ideal, but having this one-pager is a great resource for needing a quick reminder of upcoming appointments and activities. It’s also super helpful as the entire family will have insight into what is going on in a given month.

Click here to receive your Mom's Month At-a-Glance! Print out as many as you need and try a few different methods to see what works best for you and your family. Drop me a line at hello@theharmonyplanners.com to let me know how your scheduling is going. I’d love to hear!