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Unexpected Childcare Changes

Unexpected Childcare Changes

Well, well, well what an end to 2019! Just when I thought we had our routines set, life threw a curveball.

We planned to have our children begin daycare and preschool over the summer, but life happened and we parted ways with our beloved nanny this month (on good terms). 

Finding childcare in a major city can be quite the process, as waitlists are usually pretty long. My husband and I set out to accomplish this goal in record time with 4 criteria in mind: 

  1. A clean space
  2. A secure space
  3. A loving space
  4. A place in close proximity to work and home

We scrambled for a week or so, calling daycares/preschools and setting up tours. We then remembered a school many of our friends told us about. We called this school and there was space for both of our kids! Woohoo!

We scheduled a tour that day and the school checked most of the boxes above. So, after a lot of tears and with many prayers, we found a school for our kids.

Did the school satisfy the 4 criteria we desired? Pretty much…

  1. The school is clean.
  2. There is a secured gate with a private access code.
  3. The teachers are warm and friendly.
  4. The only hiccup is that the location is not ideal. It’s a little out of the way, but sacrifices…

Then, the next hurdle… We had to make sure they were prepped and ready to head to school. Thank God for Black Friday, Amazon and namebubbles.com.

I made sure to stock up on sweat pants, sweatshirts, sippy cups, diapers, wipes and labels during Black Friday. I then did a 15-minute purge of each of their dresser drawers to get rid of clothes that were too small.

Once all of the Black Friday purchases arrived, I washed the clothes, washed the dishware and then labeled everything, with Name Bubbles labels, all in anticipation for the first day of school.

Onto the next item. New routines. Remember we’ve had a nanny for 3 years. So, we had a set routine for everything. Wake up, getting dressed, eating meals, play time, bathing, bedtime - everything!

I started to think about new routines because we needed to figure something out in order to get the troops out of the house on time and then a wind down routine for the evenings.

So, I laid out their outfits, packed the extra clothes, diapers, wipes and sippy cups the night before the first day of school. Setting myself up for an easy morning was essential.

We started speaking with my son about the week ahead and how exciting it was going to be. We set his alarm clock and woke up with excitement about him meeting his new teachers.

My son went off to his first day and seemed to enjoy it. I called to check on him only once and was told he was doing well. 


My daughter caught a cold and couldn’t attend her first day. What a bummer!

We are still working on the evening routine. I’ll report back with how that goes.

So, lessons learned:

  1. It’s never too late to prepare, especially when we have the internet at our fingertips (hello Amazon).
    1. Utilize services available to you. They help make life a little more bearable and convenient.
  2. Preparation is key, but surrender is queen! Even when we have our plans set, we must surrender to the process.
    1. I thought we scrambled and pulled everything together for a nice transition to school for both kids, but my daughter caught a cold, so plans changed yet again.
  3. Routines, routines, routines.
    1. While we had a set of routines in place for the season of when we had a nanny, we quickly shifted those routines to now. They made the evening before the first day of school and the morning of the first day of school flow smoothly. We will continue to adjust and tweak those routines, but it’s nice to know we have plans in place.
  4. We can always choose to shift our mindset.
    1. Our unexpected childcare search started off as stressful and a bit frustrating, to be honest. It ended up being an opportunity to transition our kids to a different environment which I’m sure will be enriching. It also presented an opportunity for my husband and I to band together and set up new routines. Oh and an opportunity to purge old clothes. So, expect the unexpected!

I’ll keep you posted on how this all works out for me as a woman with a pretty demanding job, a side biz and a true desire to be a present mom!