Creating a more more climate-conscious trade system in Africa

As Development Reimagined, we recognize that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)  has the potential to create a more climate-conscious trade system across the continent. But more specifically we recognize the need to understand how climate change can impact the AfCFTA.  In order to realise this potential, we are working with United Nations Economic Commission’s African Trade Policy Centre and Global Affairs Canada to develop a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the AfCFTA.

On March 8th, the CEO of Development Reimagined, Hannah Ryder gave a presentation at a Stakeholder Consultative Meeting on the SEA of the AfCFTA.  Hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission’s African Trade Policy Centre, key note addresses were given by Jean-Paul Adam, Director of Climate Change, Natural Resource Management and Technology, ECA and Mohamad Ali, Director of Trade in Goods and Competition, AfCFTA Secretariat.

Hannah Ryder, CEO Development Reimagined

The consultative meeting brought together key policy makers, research analysts and climate change experts to discuss  some of the key considerations to be made by the SEA. The participants tackled key questions such as how the SEA will prioritise sectors and how best the AfCFTA can set standards that consider climate change mitigation and adaptation.

As a first of its kind, and as timely as it is,  Development Reimagined is committed to continue working towards presenting an  expedient SEA of the AfCFTA  that can be used towards greening trade on the African continent.

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April 2021

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