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As a pioneering, African-led development consultancy, we combine a unique perspective, deep relationships, and in-house databases developed from 50+ years of experience to produce industry-leading research reports that shape global conversations on the Africa-China relationship, development finance, international trade, climate change, public health, and African geopolitics.

From global alliances and government initiatives to private sector investment and household-level welfare, we consider all dimensions of development issues in our reports. Browse our latest research below and experience the difference we can make for your organization.

Introducing Yenaé

Who We Are? Yenaé is one of the 10 bespoke, sustainable African brands we are representing at the upcoming China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha

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Introducing Kazi Yetu

Who We Are? Kazi Yetu is one of the 10 bespoke, sustainable African brands we are representing at the upcoming China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

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Speech: “FOCAC at 20”

Zhunjing de ge wei laibin, nushimen, xiangshimen, pengyoumen, da jia hão! Vice President Lu Cairong Chairperson Frolick Ambassador Zhao YanBo Distinguished Excellencies, guests ladies and

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2019 Development Leaders Conference

Building Partnerships for Development Cooperation The Center for Global Development’s (CGD) 2019 Development Leaders Conference, co-hosted with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), in Beijing,

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To heat or not to heat?

I’ve recently discovered that my 5 month-old son is quite sensitive to cold. As temperatures have dipped in Beijing, he, my husband and I have

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One mountain, two tigers

I’ve recently celebrated my first anniversary of working in China, and I can wholeheartedly say it has been fantastic so far. In particular I have

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Change is in the Air for 2015

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in large organisations. And every single large organisation – from highly profitable businesses to multilateral institutions – goes through swings

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My new development obsession

Chinese and African construction teams work together on a development project in Angola. Picutre: Dieter Telemans/Panos Anyone following my Twitter account will have noticed that

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Forecasting Development

In January, I always enjoy reading the Economist’s World In Year X publication – which sets out their forecasts for big headlines under a number

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Twins in Development?

A boy stands by a WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) programme sign, outside the village of Tshibashi, Kasai Occidental, DRC. Picture: Stephanie Dunga/DFID. When I

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At Development Reimagined, we’re dedicated to transforming the global conversation on development by expanding the reach of innovative perspectives that put Africa first. Hence, we welcome and permit you to quote, link to, and/or comment on our research reports and visual analytics on your organization’s website or social media posts under the condition that you provide proper attribution including reference to Development Reimagined and a link to the source page on the DR website, for any text, charts, images, or other DR content you use.

Attribution need not be cumbersome. E.g.: The above chart is by Development Reimagined.

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